Commissioning & Start Up

Commissioning and Startup activities are the final steps in the realization of a project.

The Giga Più technicians take the field by providing to their customers all their experience and technical skills applied to the most varied plant realities.

During the start-up of a new plant, the variables and the unexpected things can only be solved by personnel with proven experience and matured team building skills that we have.

The Giga Più technicians are specialists in the start-up and calibration of the systems, and also in the immediate resolution of the problems they may encounter during the first start-up periods of the business.

We are able to follow all the activities that lead to the acceptance of projects, in detail:

  • Assistance during all phases of construction.
  • Coordination of external operations support teams.
  • Preparation of the plants for start-up.
  • Instrumental calibration.
  • Electrical tests.
  • Certification of evidence.
  • Training for the customer’s technicians and operators who will follow and use the systems.
  • Drafting of operating manuals for the operation and maintenance of plants.